Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Bench

The park sported a different look today,

inviting me to look at life with a different outlook.

Hesitatingly I took the cue,

to start my life anew.

I started walking past benches, clean and inviting

in search of the bench that I was missing.

I came across it,

covered with leaves due to unuse.

With a sigh, I dusted the bench

And when I sat on it, I realized what I missed.

The view was the most beautiful,

healing my mind and heart.

It filled my heart with joy,

rekindling the subdued feelings.

I began to wonder why I ever left this place,

a place that made me whole...

Immersed in thoughts, I felt the wind die down.

With trepidation, I lifted my eyes

only to see the view obstructed by leaves.

Now I realized why I avoided this place..

I realized this joy was momentary, a mirage.

I realized I had grown tired of waiting for the wind...

I got up from the bench once again

only to see a leaf drop on the place I sat.....

1 comment:

  1. I love the framework dude, the sense of mystery built into it, i can feel the haunting at the have pulled me into the whirlwind in your mind...kinda powerful thoughts. i wud say...