Monday, July 25, 2011

The Call

It sent a chill down my spine
Was I hesitating? Was I fine?
Questions exploded in my mind
Answers , nah , I could never find
A gust of wind brushed away my doubts
The soft grass called ; to end the drought!!!
My head screamed , I just had to give in
Hesitated again , my conscience was fighting
This battle wore me down , it was the final push
I peered over the edge , felt the adrenaline rush
To answer the call , one step is what I had to take
To kiss step is what I did take

Saturday, April 9, 2011

STUCK!!!! In Your Love....

It was the morning sun of the spring season,
Avoiding it, I chanced upon you, my world had forzen!
Crossing the street, you had my heart racing,
Jumping to my feet, I ran after you, chasing.

The sun now shone directly above my head,
I saw you in a shop, having coffee and bread.
I gathered up courage and said Hi,
Gal! Talking with you I didn't notice time fly.

Admiring you in the evening breeze,
You looked pristine with the falling leaves.
I just couldn't help falling in love with you
I shuddered to dream a life without you!

Devoid of light, except from the ethereal moon,
In the distance I heard lovebirds croon
On my knees, I asked you to be with me forever,
I didn't want you to leave......never ever!!!!

Felt you fade away with the approaching dawn,
Atleast this time....desperately, I tried to hold on.
Failed again...was it yes or no..perhaps I'll know never
Coz I'm this day, in your love....forever!!
It was the morning sun of the spring season,
Avoiding it, I chanced upon you, my world had....FROZEN!!!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Remember Me

I broke the promises I made
Leaving you stranded, I went ahead
Believe me, it was not a choice I made
Coz, it pains me, just to see you sad

The fiery sun fades away at night
The blissful moon gives way to the blinding light
It is the circle that nature has to complete
And I'm not God to change my fate

Brick by brick, we built our world together
Castles, we imagined, would house happiness forever
Alas, there came a knock on the door, loud & clear
I never looked back & i'm sorry for that, my dear

It pains me to see your world from skies far above
Alone, you keep waiting, for that long lost love
Loving beyond life is what you stood for
I beg you, move on, is what I ask for

The time had come for me to fade away
Doesn't mean you have to throw your life away
Build castles, seek happiness, again; forget the world you built with me
But in a corner of your mind, just a corner.......remember me..

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Ship that never returned

Leaving the shores so well known
        I set sail to find the elusive land
Brushing away the learning of yore
        I set my sights on the faraway shore

I journeyed, my mind filled with apprehension
        Interspersed by windless nights, I sought divine intervention
A black storm answered my heavenly call
        Undeterred, steeled by the ethereal moon, I refused to stall

Doubts creeped into my mind, from the onset
        Growing stronger and stronger after each sunset
Still, I weathered on, harbouring a faint belief
        Hoping, reaching the shore would bring relief

The silent waters stirred up an unnerving noise in my head
        Playing tricks with my heart, my mind conjured images after images
Like a guiding star, my burning desire kept me on course
        Alas! Desire engulfed me and madness ran its course

Delirium set in, I let myself slip into it
        Rueing my fate, I wondered, is this it???
Peering through the mist in my head I could see the shore again
        Smiling, I closed my eyes, tired of making the same mistake......again & again & again

Friday, July 30, 2010

When I'm blue

When the lines started to rhyme,
I knew I was no longer fine!

Words came into my mind & stuck like glue,
And I knew I was damn blue

I switched on the tv
to give my mind a reprieve

Discovery showed beautiful moths,
But all I could think of was penning goths!

I got fed up and surfed for movies
Damn! They all are showing love stories!

Cursing I switched to death metal.
Oh boy! It made my mind settle

And then there came a pause,
Sending my tranquility for a toss

Desperate for peace of mind,
I head to the beach to unwind

The sound of the waves crashing down the shore
Created a hypnotic allure

Alas! Instead of an unwind, my mind did a rewind
Loneliness again held me in its bind

I head back home, tired and defeated
to find solace with my pillow and bed

I switched off the light,
Wishing myself......goodnight. 

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Game of Life

I rolled the dice,
    In the game called life

With every twist and turn,
    A thousand thoughts began to churn

Words came back to haunt my head,
    Which were left unsaid

My heart felt burdened,
    By the opportunities I spurned

My heart yearned,
    To be the man none yet discerned

With me praying for a fix,
    The dice rolled to a six

I felt my heart cease to pain
    'Coz the board read - "Start Again"

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Love - Does it hurt?

Love works in mysterious ways,

Bringing rain even on sunny days!

It puts a spell on you,

Making everything look beautiful around you!

Every time you close your eyes,

All you can see is her mesmerizing eyes!

And when your heart misses a beat,

You'd know she is walking away with it!

You see that beautiful smile on her face,

Wishing that you could make it last for ages!

You'd do anything for her....

Anything, even when she's never gonna be yours!

Still this love lifts your spirit,

So how can this love really hurt?