Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Bench

The park sported a different look today,

inviting me to look at life with a different outlook.

Hesitatingly I took the cue,

to start my life anew.

I started walking past benches, clean and inviting

in search of the bench that I was missing.

I came across it,

covered with leaves due to unuse.

With a sigh, I dusted the bench

And when I sat on it, I realized what I missed.

The view was the most beautiful,

healing my mind and heart.

It filled my heart with joy,

rekindling the subdued feelings.

I began to wonder why I ever left this place,

a place that made me whole...

Immersed in thoughts, I felt the wind die down.

With trepidation, I lifted my eyes

only to see the view obstructed by leaves.

Now I realized why I avoided this place..

I realized this joy was momentary, a mirage.

I realized I had grown tired of waiting for the wind...

I got up from the bench once again

only to see a leaf drop on the place I sat.....

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Flight

I was born an ugly creature

Was weak by nature

Every moment of my life was a struggle

Surviving was a battle

Yet I never lost my will to live

Nor cursed God for this life

For, at the end of every struggle

Lies the sweetness of victory

I enjoyed each moment of my freedom

Never worrying about the impending doom

For, worrying about my future

Would only spoil my present

I'm the butterfly

And I urge humans to accept my way of life

I urge them to take flight...

The Rebel Inside Us

Trrnngg goes the alarm again

Breaking my tranquil dream

I think that five more minutes would do no harm

But my mind says - "No"

And I listen to it.

The rain is lashing down the earth,

I see kids enjoying its coolness

My heart yearns to join them and become a kid again,

But my mind says - "No"

And I listen to it.

I see my love again,

Making my body go numb again.

My heart yearns to tell those three words

But my mind says - "No"

And I listen to it.

I see people thronging cinema halls and parks,

Having the time of their life..

I want to be just like them,

Having no worries...

I take the first step towards it

But, then, my mind says "No"

And I listen to it...

Safe inside my mind I hide,

Waiting for a new dawn to come,

And break the shackles holding me.

Safe inside my mind I hide,

To come out when I'm new again...

Conscience....dead or dying????

The car came to a halt,

From the mirror, I look at the people around me,

They are all living a lie..

All I see in their eyes is a dream

A dream that they die for to fulfill

A dream that has made them materialistic

A dream that has made them blind to the sufferings of others,

All they care about is their family and themselves

Perhaps its time they realized their responsibility towards people less fortunate..

Understand the true reason of their existence

Realize that life is about sharing,

Sharing not sorrows but joys
Suddenly I notice a hand on the mirror,

Trying to close it
I notice that its me....

Thoughts along the road less travelled....

I see nothing but the road ahead of me

Perhaps the thirst for success has made me oblivious to the people around me

I look at the sky

Only to notice the sun shining so bright

It is doing funny things to me

I notice my life pass before my eyes pains to remember those days

Filled with all that laughter and joy

With our heart so young and careless

We used to do things none could imagine

All that has changed now

Its no more 'we' but only 'me'

I glance down and look at my shadow, and think

My friend only you and I remain, lets complete this journey together.