Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Flight

I was born an ugly creature

Was weak by nature

Every moment of my life was a struggle

Surviving was a battle

Yet I never lost my will to live

Nor cursed God for this life

For, at the end of every struggle

Lies the sweetness of victory

I enjoyed each moment of my freedom

Never worrying about the impending doom

For, worrying about my future

Would only spoil my present

I'm the butterfly

And I urge humans to accept my way of life

I urge them to take flight...


  1. frost's inspiration??

    a lot of nature into to your collection of rumblings gives a noteworthy variety to your posts..

  2. I see a lot of similarities between nature and our lives....most of the times I try to draw parallels between them..

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  4. really nice :)

    ofcourse there is bound to be similarities ... we are all connected by the "soul of the world" !!!