Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Ship that never returned

Leaving the shores so well known
        I set sail to find the elusive land
Brushing away the learning of yore
        I set my sights on the faraway shore

I journeyed, my mind filled with apprehension
        Interspersed by windless nights, I sought divine intervention
A black storm answered my heavenly call
        Undeterred, steeled by the ethereal moon, I refused to stall

Doubts creeped into my mind, from the onset
        Growing stronger and stronger after each sunset
Still, I weathered on, harbouring a faint belief
        Hoping, reaching the shore would bring relief

The silent waters stirred up an unnerving noise in my head
        Playing tricks with my heart, my mind conjured images after images
Like a guiding star, my burning desire kept me on course
        Alas! Desire engulfed me and madness ran its course

Delirium set in, I let myself slip into it
        Rueing my fate, I wondered, is this it???
Peering through the mist in my head I could see the shore again
        Smiling, I closed my eyes, tired of making the same mistake......again & again & again