Saturday, April 3, 2010

Love - Does it hurt?

Love works in mysterious ways,

Bringing rain even on sunny days!

It puts a spell on you,

Making everything look beautiful around you!

Every time you close your eyes,

All you can see is her mesmerizing eyes!

And when your heart misses a beat,

You'd know she is walking away with it!

You see that beautiful smile on her face,

Wishing that you could make it last for ages!

You'd do anything for her....

Anything, even when she's never gonna be yours!

Still this love lifts your spirit,

So how can this love really hurt?


  1. When her gaze fades
    your breath refuses to faze

    She is all you can think
    and she can never be yours in a blink

    She puts a spell on you
    and may make forget those around you

    (You'd do anything for her...
    Anything, even when she's never gonna be yours!)

    Few love lift your spirit,
    may you feel like flying in heaven,
    which may be hell in disguise.

    So beware my friend love is more pain than gain
    Alas! She makes it rain on sunny day
    let alone helps you to hide your tear,
    when she wakes away!!!
    When she wakes away !!!

  2. nice lines!
    so, whts d story behind d lines? ;)

  3. The story behind this is a big secret . . I know what it can be...

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  5. Yeah its my own lines..No secret behind it fellas. just tried to get the facts straight...

    @Der your poem is good man..Keep.Writing

  6. Your poem also spin off another poem from me...

    Posted in my blog....

  7. good work..
    keep it going buddy.. :-)

  8. Awesome one ... i especially love the last lines :) really true !!