Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thoughts along the road less travelled....

I see nothing but the road ahead of me

Perhaps the thirst for success has made me oblivious to the people around me

I look at the sky

Only to notice the sun shining so bright

It is doing funny things to me

I notice my life pass before my eyes pains to remember those days

Filled with all that laughter and joy

With our heart so young and careless

We used to do things none could imagine

All that has changed now

Its no more 'we' but only 'me'

I glance down and look at my shadow, and think

My friend only you and I remain, lets complete this journey together.


  1. It's true avi...
    in the road less travelled it is not often that you are accompanied by true companions along the same road. Your best friends and family might provide you support from the starting point, but is always you who has to fight the battle all by your own...

  2. I feel so much connected to this the lines used, very much...