Sunday, March 20, 2011

Remember Me

I broke the promises I made
Leaving you stranded, I went ahead
Believe me, it was not a choice I made
Coz, it pains me, just to see you sad

The fiery sun fades away at night
The blissful moon gives way to the blinding light
It is the circle that nature has to complete
And I'm not God to change my fate

Brick by brick, we built our world together
Castles, we imagined, would house happiness forever
Alas, there came a knock on the door, loud & clear
I never looked back & i'm sorry for that, my dear

It pains me to see your world from skies far above
Alone, you keep waiting, for that long lost love
Loving beyond life is what you stood for
I beg you, move on, is what I ask for

The time had come for me to fade away
Doesn't mean you have to throw your life away
Build castles, seek happiness, again; forget the world you built with me
But in a corner of your mind, just a corner.......remember me..