Friday, July 30, 2010

When I'm blue

When the lines started to rhyme,
I knew I was no longer fine!

Words came into my mind & stuck like glue,
And I knew I was damn blue

I switched on the tv
to give my mind a reprieve

Discovery showed beautiful moths,
But all I could think of was penning goths!

I got fed up and surfed for movies
Damn! They all are showing love stories!

Cursing I switched to death metal.
Oh boy! It made my mind settle

And then there came a pause,
Sending my tranquility for a toss

Desperate for peace of mind,
I head to the beach to unwind

The sound of the waves crashing down the shore
Created a hypnotic allure

Alas! Instead of an unwind, my mind did a rewind
Loneliness again held me in its bind

I head back home, tired and defeated
to find solace with my pillow and bed

I switched off the light,
Wishing myself......goodnight. 

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